Krisor & Associates


The Law Firm of Krisor & Associates has over thirty years experience in recovering assets for our business, retail and individual clients. When our clients need to collect on a debt, contract obligation or judgment, they know they can turn to our firm to utilize every legal strategy to effectively recover their assets. Since our professionals are knowledgeable in state and federal rules, they also know that they can rely on us to comply with relevant legal requirements.

We are a single-stop resource and can independently handle all collection cases from referral to recovery. Our firm’s knowledge of the new bankruptcy code also allows us to protect our client’s assets as we guide creditors through the long and confusing bankruptcy process.

Using our custom designed software system, our staff of over twenty-five legal professionals diligently and thoroughly pursue our client's cases in every county in Indiana and throughout Michigan.

When the options for recovery seem limited, Krisor & Associates uses all avenues to pursue the obligations that are owed to our clients.

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